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Following is a list of participating private sector Alberta assessment companies currently operating under contract to municipalities in the province. If you are an accredited member, or if you employ an accredited member, and are interested in participating in this service please feel free to download the Member Referral Service Registration form or contact the Association office at (780) 483-4222.

This service is provided for a nominal annual subscription fee and confers no surety or guarantee of service or performance on any of the companies listed. The Association accredits and regulates individuals; it does not regulate corporate entities.


Accurate Assessment Group Ltd.
199 Pembina Road
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2W8
Ph: (780) 464 - 4655 Fax: (780) 417-8714
Contact: Greg Berger

Accurate Assessment Group Ltd (AAG) has been in business over 20 years providing residential, non-residential, industrial and farmland assessment servies to rural and urban municipalities throughout Alberta.  We take great pride in our team experience, innovation, and service we deliver to our Client Partners.  


Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc.
#4, 320 W.T. Hill Blvd. S.
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4W9
Ph: (403) 381-0535 Fax (403) 381-1596
Contact: Morgan Strate, President

Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. has a staff of 5 accredited assessors, 1AACI accredited appraiser and 3 candidate assessors. Our Assessment Team, along with our Office Manager and supporting staff currently service 8 rural municipalities, 21 towns, 19 villages, 1 Improvement District and 1 city with a combined total of well over 100,000 parcels. Our quality and service to our clients has contributed to our success in becoming one of the largest private assessment companies in the province. Please feel free to contact any of our clients for a reference.


Compass Assessment Consultants Inc.
10609 – 82 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6A 3N2
Ph: (780)469-5552 Fax: (780)466-5406
Contact: Aaron Steblyk, AMAA
Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. has provided assessment services to Alberta since 1989, making it one of Alberta’s longest standing assessment companies.  We provide a full range of assessment services, which include residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial properties.  Our expertise, experience, breadth and depth of knowledge allow us to provide insight, support, and quality service to our clients.  For more information and to speak with our professionals, please call 780.469.5552, in Edmonton.

GT Property Assessment & Tax
17719 - 110 Street
Edmonton, AB T5X 6K5
Ph: (780) 475-1895 Fax: (780) 475-1896
Contact: Gerry Towns, AMAA

GT Property Assessment & Tax, with its strong background in both property assessment and taxation, provides a vast scope of property assessment and taxation services to more than two dozen communities. These services include senior policy and administration, property tax functions and staff training. As well, we provide the data collection, verification, analysis, valuation, and assessment defense for all types of property for our municipal customers.


Independent Municipal Assessment Corporation (IMAC)
PO Box 3229 Stn Main
Sherwood Park, AB  T8H 2T2
Ph: (780) 425-5250
Contact:  Larry Horne, AMAA

Since the 1990's IMAC has been at the vanguard of both theoretical and practical assessment services.  Since that time, the MGA has changed - lean on our proven track record to navigate the unknown.  Designated Industrial Properties - the label is new - the facilities are not.  IMAC's portfolio provides the backdrop of stable tax liability for owners along with municipal funding certainty.  IMAC provides Marshall & Swift upgrading, audit, education and application with an effective and accurate approach.  Solutions don't stop at the Provincial border.....IMAC is accredited in Alberta and beyond.

KCL Consulting Inc.
Suite 179, 3-11 Bellerose Dr
St. Albert, AB T8N 5C9
Ph: (780) 419-2158 Fax: (780) 419-2651
Contact: Kevin Lawrence, AMAA

With "reliable and professional municipal assessment and land agent services," KCL is committed to providing all aspects of municipal assessment services to its clients. Utilizing Compass assessment software, we provide comprehensive assessment services to numerous municipalities throughout Alberta. Licensed land agent services are also available through our firm, providing negotiation, pre-site assessment, project management, hearing representation, etc.


Municipal Assessment Services Group Inc.
PO Box 3369 10404 - 100 Avenue
Morinville, AB T8R 1S2
Ph: (780) 939-3310 Fax: (780) 939-3350
Contact: Ray Crews, AMAA

Providing municipalities with a wide scope of assessment services, from residential to industrial and farmland. With over 40 clients, we pride ourselves on our excellent track record since 1995.


Municipal Property Consultants (2009) Ltd.
A2 - 83 Burnt Park Drive
Red Deer, AB T4P 0J7
Ph: (403) 309-4190 Fax: (403) 309-4149
Contact: Terry Willoughby, AMAA
Don Sheridan, AMAA

Municipal Property Consultants (MPC) was the first incorporated, private assessment service company in Central Alberta. MPC provided residential, non-residential/commercial, industrial and farmland assessment services to 10 municipalities. In 2009, MPC expanded to be Municipal Property Consultants (2009) Ltd., with 2 Accredited assessors with over 60 years experience and now provides the same quality of services to 18 urban/rural municipalities located in Central and East Central Alberta. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide accurate and fair assessments to our clients. Please feel free to contact any of our clients for a reference. For more information call 403.309.4190.


Powers & Associates Appraisal Services Inc.
3106 Montrose Boulevard
Beaumont, AB  T4X 0C1
Ph:  (780) 439-7227 Fax: 1-888360-9787 Toll Free:  1-877-867-9079
Contact:  Warren Powers, AMAA
Cell:  780-446-1413

Powers & Associates is an assessment firm that specializes in Alberta municipal property tax assessment for its Village, Town and City clients.  We are accredited and well-experienced in the assessment industry while also being accredited and licenses for appraisals as well.  We provide municipalities with a simple soution and quality assessment services.  No hidden fees, no additional charges and nothing but the latest technology, data, methods and techniques.  For more information, please contact us directly at any time or visit our website at


Reliance Assessment Consultants
6611 - 105 Street
Edmonton, AB T6H 5Y2
Ph: (780) 450-2406

Contact: Randy Affolder

Reliance Assessment Consultants was incorporated in 2004 and has been providing quality assessment services to numerous urban and rural municipalities in Alberta since inception.  We are dedicated to ensuring to rate payers, municipal staff and council quality assessments for all property types.

Tanmar Consulting Inc.
201, 65 Chippewa Road
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6J7
Ph: (780) 417-5191 Fax: (780) 417-5579
Contact: Michael Krim, AMAA

Tanmar Consulting Inc. has been providing the complete line of assessment services since 1997 and has steadily grown to a client base of 15 municipalities. Our clients include 1 Summer Village, 2 Villages, 10 Towns, 1 City and 1 County. We take pride in our excellent relationships with our clients and our ability to deal with ratepayers, administrations, and councils in a professional ,timely, and efficient manner. Tanmar shares office space with the CAMAlot software providers. CAMAlot is the most widely used assessment software in the province and Tanmar is the lead tester and user of the software. Visit us at

Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd. 

Wainwright, AB T9W 1E2
Ph: (780) 842-5002/5003 Fax: (780) 842-5003
Contact: Gary Barber, AMAA

Wainwright Assessment Group (WAG) and its highly trained assessors with over 90 years of combined assessment provides quality assessment services to 30 urban/rural municipalities in East Central Alberta. WAG also provides real estate appraisal services for various requirements including financing; capital gains tax; relocation; estate settlement; divorce settlement; and, foreclosure. References are available upon request.


Wild Rose Assessment Services Inc.
#4, 4699 - 61 Street
Red Deer, AB T4N 7C9
Ph: (403) 343-3357 Fax: (403) 343-3299
Contact: Rod Vikse, AMAA

Wild Rose Assessment Services is a team of fully accredited assessors who have a proven history of providing a high quality, accurate assessment to over 35 municipalities.  We are the largest assessment firm in the Central Alberta corridor and one of the largest assessment firms in Alberta. Since our incorporation in 1995, we have attended to our clients needs in a timely fashion, putting answers in their hands. We believe it is important to have strong communication ties between council, administration, ratepayers and your assessment team.  Call us with your assessment questions, we would be glad to talk. 


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